The Challenge: Final Reckoning – Episode 12– Breakdown & Scoring

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Nelson & Tony – Ep12

Bananas & Tony have the power vote. That’s right, Bananas finally has power.

Season 32 – Episode 12

Title: Unhappy Days

At the bar, Nelson asks Tony to at least give him a heads up if Bananas & Tony are going to vote for him and Shane. Meanwhile, Smashley feels like Hunter’s resentment of her is slut-shaming. She cries (10 points). Sitting outside with her Lavendar Ladies, Smashley won’t let him talk to her. Hunter is annoyed at Smashley, saying that if she costs him half a million dollars he is going to “come for her family.” Yuck.

Talk, talk, talk of burn votes and strategy.

Finally, T.J. comes in for nominations. Cara Maria & Marie vote Joss & Sylvia. Hunter & Smashley voted for Jozea & Da’Vonne, who vote for Zach & Amanda. Zach & Amanda vote for Brad & Kyle, who vote for them. We don’t see who Shane & Nelson vote for. Bananas & Tony are deciding between Shane & Nelson and Smashley & Hunter.

At Armageddon, we see that everyone got votes (except for Bananas & Tony, who are safe). The teams with the most votes were: Zach & Amanda, Shane & Nelson and Jozea & Da’Vonne. Since it’s a tie, Bananas chooses Shane & Nelson. Shane & Nelson got votes from Bananas & Tony. But, because those guys are safe, they get to choose from the field. Nelson, in an angry fit of fury, decide to go against Brad & Kyle.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Tread Lightly Elimination – Ep12

This is Kyle’s first elimination! The game is called Tread Lightly. There are treadmills going in opposite directions. The teams must pick up balls with plunger-looking sticks, go up the treadmill, and drop balls in a bucket. Whichever team gets ten balls in the bucket first wins.

Comedy ensues! Guys are slipping, sliding, and falling over themselves on the treadmill left and right. After some time getting their footing, each team starts scoring. Shane & Nelson pull ahead and it’s 8 balls to 3, then 9 balls to 3, and then it’s over. Shane & Nelson pull off the win (25 points each).

Kyle leaves some jewelry on Cara Maria’s bed. Yikes.

At the Redemption House, Kayleigh is happy to see Kyle. Paulie, not so much. But Paulie doesn’t say anything. Brad is offended by Shane & Nelson’s lack of loyalty. Kam correctly identifies that Brad is just being a sore loser. Obviously, there was no alliance between those teams, so Brad does appear to be “butt-hurt.”

Challenge time! The challenge is called Caged In. The person outside of the cage has to cut down branches to throw in the top of the cage, so that the teammate inside can put something together to wiggle the keys off the top of the cage, let themselves out, race across a field and solve a puzzle. Also, the losing team gets a disadvantage next challenge.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Caged In Challenge – Ep12

Amanda notices writing on the inside of the cage.

Tony gets out of his cage first. Da’Vonne and Amanda are not far behind. Smashley and Marie are struggling to get out.

Once Bananas & Tony run to the puzzle, they realize it’s questions that can answered by the writing on the wall. Amanda had already figured that out. Her observation helps, as Zach & Amanda pull off the win (15 points each).

Now it’s a race to not be last and get punished next challenge. Smashley finally get out, then Sylvia and Marie is still stuck.

Jozea & Da’Vonne come in 2nd place, Shane & Nelson in 3rd, Joss & Sylvia in 4th. Smashley & Hunter return to the cage. Tony & Bananas come in 5th, Smashley & Hunter finish next, leaving Cara Maria & Marie in last.

In an interview, Cara Maria & Marie bicker.

Stray observations:

  • An elimination AND a challenge! Hallelujah!!!
  • Last episode, Smashley was acting like a bully, this week she’s saying she’s getting picked on. What goes around, comes around?
  • When does Kyle leave the jewelry on Maria’s bed? Do the eliminated people get to go to the house one more time before going to Redemption?
  • Jozea & Da’Vonne are the only team that has no alliance to Amanda (Lavendar Ladies) and Zach (Bananas & Cara Maria friend). But since we see them fighting in the preview, it seems like Zach & Amanda’s vote may not go how it has in the past.
  • Kyle may not have liked that elimination challenge, but every season has some equalizers in there.
  • Marie thinks it’s kinda sweet Kyle left stuff on Cara Maria’s bed, but would have been nicer if he didn’t sleep with two other girls in the house first. Yeah, maybe.

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Episode 12 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep12 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep12 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Shane & Nelson (25 points each)

Worst player performance of the episode: Almost everyone else (0 points)

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