The Challenge Final Reckoning – Meet Me Halfway Elimination – Ep15

It’s Cara Maria and Marie vs. Shane & Nelson elimination time!

Season 32 – Episode 15

Title: Wheel of Fortune

Cara Maria and Marie take on Shane & Nelson in the Meet Me Halfway elimination. There’s a giant maze with doors that need to be knocked down. The teams need to break their way through to find their box. Each box has two locks, and each team member has a key, so both partners need to be at the box at the same time to open it. The first team to ring the bell wins.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Marie in the Meet Me Halfway Elimination – Ep15

Some walls are made of cardboard. Some walls are made of plastic wrap. Marie gets a face-full of blue paint somehow. Shane & Nelson win (25 points each).

Back at the Redemption House, a doctor finally looks at Zach, who is having issues breathing out of one of his nostrils. Doesn’t look good. Kyle tells Cara Maria not to pick Kam & Kayleigh, despite her girl-power desires.

And now it’s time for a Redemption House DOUBLE double-cross because, as Sylvia later mentions, one team goes, two come back. This season is never going to end! Kam & Kayleigh pull the first double-cross, and Brad & Kyle pull the other one.

Out of the rain and back inside the Redemption House Kayleigh & Kyle argue about him telling Cara Maria not to pick her, his supposed British buddy (10 points each). Kyle’s partner and buddy Brad jumps into the verbal fight (10 points).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Brad & Kyle Pull the Double-Cross – Ep15

The losers bracket goes out to the club. Kam schemes. She wants to see the two girls teams (them and Cara Maria & Marie) back in the main house. Kam thinks her team should pick Paulie & Natalie to beat, and thinks that Brad & Kyle will pick Cara Maria & Marie, because Cara Maria is still in Kyle’s head. Or maybe she just knows that Brad may not be able to pick buddy Zach because Zach may be going home with a broken nose.

The Main House cast gets video chat word from T.J. to come to Armageddon and see two battles to return to the house. Bananas is thrilled, as this will dilute the Lavender Ladies/Young Bucks counter-alliance. Nelson and Hunter tease Bananas that two teams need to come back to help him build an alliance again. Bananas turns it around, saying Nelson needed mercenaries to come in and give a rebirth to the Young Bucks.

At Armageddon, we learn that Zach broke his cheek bone, so he and partner Amanda are going home. They still dislike each other.

Now it’s decision time for the teams that pulled the double-crosses.

Kam & Kayleigh talk about going against Kayleigh’s vendetta Paulie, and suggests Kyle pick Cara Maria, since she brought him to the finals last season. Kyle doesn’t appreciate being told what to do. Kam & Kayleigh pick Cara Maria & Marie. Brad & Kyle choose Paulie & Natalie because they think they have the best chance to beat them.

The game is called That’s the Ticket. There are giant bingo cages. One team member has to read the numbers, find them on the balls and drop them into the tube. The opponent spins the cage, making their job harder.

Ladies first. Kayleigh and Marie are in the cages. Kam’s strategy is to spin the cage at a random unpredictable rhythm. Cara Maria is just spinning fast. Marie gets the first ball in, then Kayleigh. Cara Maria starts trying to be strategic with her motions, trying to knock down Kayleigh when she tries to stand up. Marie is super focused. She gets three more balls in, before Kayleigh catches up. But Marie grabs the last number and puts it in. Cara Maria & Marie win (25 points each). Marie is pretty beat up. Her elbow is bleeding (5 points).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Kam Spins Marie in That’s the Ticket Elimination – Ep15

For the next round, we see Natalie and Brad get in the cages. Did the boys pick Brad because he should be able to see the numbers on the balls well since his eyes are always open? We don’t know.

Kyle has Natalie moving around so violently that the rest of the cast legit thinks she may die. He “gasses out” (or perhaps production told him to chill? Some people on Reddit are suspicious), and Natalie gets a chance to get some balls together. She also learns to go with the roll of the cage. The girls watching shout out numbers for her to grab to help her out. Paulie & Natalie win (25 points each). In their happy post-victory interview, we see Natalie’s leggings have busted apart at the knees and she’s showing us a substantial amount of blood (5 points). Paulie took a hilarious fall and he’s bleeding, too (5 points).

Perhaps a little bitter from her loss, Kayleigh reports to her boyfriend Nelson that Brad yelled at her at the Redemption House. This leads to a verbal fight between Kayleigh, Nelson and Brad (10 points each).

Stray Observations

  • Cara Maria and Marie lost and won an elimination in the same episode. That summarizes how this season is progressing.
  • Another good summary for this season is that we had to watch Zach & Amanda talk about strategy of a game they would never go back to.
  • “We’re living in the 20-18th century, people!” – Nelson
  • This was episode 15. Vendettas was 14 episodes total. Dirty XXX was 17 + that horrible two episode reunion.
  • MTV should spring for better knee and elbow pads. The pads the girls had must have come off pretty easily.

Stuff on Twitter

Episode 15 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep15 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep15 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Paulie, Natalie, Nelson, Marie (30 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Many (0 points)

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