The Challenge Final Reckoning – Brad vs. Nelson – Ep16

The episode starts with a continuation of the fight we saw at the end of last episode.

Season 32 – Episode 16

Title: The Leftovers

Brad is all up on his Dadness, telling Nelson he’ll teach him a lesson. Playing into the part, Nelson suggest Brad spank him. Brad and Nelson’s extra fight footage yields them (10 points each). “They don’t call it vendettas for nothing,” Kyle says, despite that being the name of last season.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Natalie’s Bloody Chin – Ep16

Overjoyed by the fact that she’s finally climbed out of the Redemption House after three elimination losses, we see a giddy Natalie in interview with a bloody chin (5 points).

T.J. sends Kam & Kayleigh and Brad & Kyle back to the Redemption House, because this season will never end.

Cara Maria & Marie and Paulie & Natalie are coming back, which is good for the Bananas/veteran alliance, and bad for the Young Bucks.

On the bus on the way home, Tony throws Cory’s pasta out the window. We don’t see what happened, just a quick word from an annoyed Cory, and a joking Tony who claims that the pasta had been sat on. Off the bus, Devin tries to calm Cory down, but Cory swings his foot under Tony’s legs, slamming him into the ground (15 points for physical attack). Bananas immediately gets into it with Cory (10 points each), then yells at Devin (5 points). Cory proclaims his innocence, repeating that he did nothing.

Security brings Tony in. Bananas makes Tony sit down in the interview room to calm down. Bananas is trying to profess his love to his partner in order to calm Tony down and insure that Tony doesn’t do something stupid and get their team kicked off. Tony, not appearing sober, buys into the plan, gives his partner a hug and seems to have successfully chilled out.

Tony and Cory are sent to a hotel for the night to cool off. Cory recognizes that this bad.

Meanwhile, Devin is trying to convince himself that he’s not going home from his partner’s temper, but that it was just a slip and fall.

Lurking outside of Bananas’ room, Nelson comes into to call BS on Bananas, who says it was some weak sucker punch stuff. Nelson leaves, calls for Devin, then gets into Bananas’s face. Nelson and Bananas scream at each other (10 points each). Security breaks it up.

Devin tries to talk and Bananas yells that, “without me, you don’t exist.” Devin is calmly speaking to Bananas again, but the veteran walks away.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Bananas vs. Cory – Ep16

Devin follows Bananas around, wondering why Bananas has nothing to say to him. Devin continues digging into his nemesis, insisting that he lives in the veteran’s head. Finally, Bananas gets fed up and goes low. Very low. Bananas is agitated and tells Devin that he feels bad that his “pathetic a**” is in South Africa, not home mourning his father’s death. They argue (10 points each). Bananas harps on Devin being worth nothing without him and Devin continues his digging. Producers are standing in between them (10 points each).

In an interview, Bananas says he may have gone too far, but doesn’t really own his comments or reach out to apologize. After smoking on the balcony and stewing, Devin goes over to Bananas and yells at him for going that low (5 points for verbal attack). Devin looks like he’s going to cry as he backs off.

Bananas apologizes to the camera, but no footage is shown of Bananas saying sorry to Devin.

Tony and Cory come back to the house. Cory immediately apologizes to his partner Devin. T.J. shows up and drops the news that Cory is kicked off for his physical assault of Tony (100 points).

T.J. lectures about how stupid this is (10 points for Cory for T.J. expressing disappointment). Cory and Tony hug and say there’s no bad blood. Bananas goes to give some skin to Cory and he backs off, saying that after Bananas said what he did to Devin about Devin’s father, he’ll pass on Bananas.

Oddly, Bananas kinda laughs it off. Joss sees this and jumps on Bananas for being a “piece of s***”. It had previously then mentioned that Joss has lost his father and feels for what Devin is going through. Joss stands up, annoyed and angry. Sylvia signals for Joss not to get them into trouble. Bananas can’t believe it, calls Joss “whipped,” and engages with Joss in a tense exchange of words (10 points each).

Finally, it’s time for a challenge. It’s heights over water trivia challenge. The challenge is called Hit List. Each team stands on a plank and is asked trivia questions. If the team gets it right, they get to give out a strike, if they get a question wrong, they take a strike. Three strikes and a battering ram knocks the team 30 feet off their plank into the water.

Last team standing wins. Shouldn’t the team who won last choose the order or something? Up on the planks, Cara Maria and Marie are being all scared of heights.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Bananas & Tony at the Hit List Challenge – Ep16

Shane & Nelson get asked a question first. It’s about how Tori and Jordan are a couple. They get it right and give their strike to Bananas & Tony. Cara Maria & Marie are asked about Jemmye’s condiment fear, and correctly say “ketchup” and give their strike to Joss & Sylvia. Next question is for Bananas & Tony. T.J. asks who Natalie’s vendetta was last season, they correctly say Victor and give their strike to Joss & Sylvia. Smashley spells Lavender Ladies correct and gives the strike to Bananas & Tony.

Paulie & Natalie correctly answer that the troika was the power trifecta on Vendettas. The Big Brother team gives their strike to Joss & Sylvia, knocking them off the plank. The shake of their fall rattles Bananas & Tony. Bananas falls and is disqualified. Doesn’t matter much because Shane & Nelson correctly identify that Veronica is older than CT and send Tony to the water.

Cara Maria & Marie get another Vendettas question right, giving their strike to Smashley & Hunter, who correctly answer that Cara Maria won Vendettas before giving the strike back to the reigning champ’s team. Paulie spells inquisition right and gives their strike to Smashley & Hunter. Shane & Nelson correctly identify “Gibraltar” as the name of the rock they had to carry in the first challenge on Vendettas. They give their strike to Paulie & Natalie.

Next is by far the best question of the game: If you add up all the kids Brad, Tony, CT, Da’Vonne and Cory knowingly have, what number would you get?

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Hit List Challenge – Ep16

2+2+1+1+1=7. Cara Maria & Marie get it right and, instead of knocking off Smashley & Hunter, they give a first strike to Shane & Nelson.

Next Smashley cuts off Hunter to spell Armageddon wrong, but he gains control and spells it right for their final answer. Strike to Cara Maria & Marie. Paulie & Natalie correctly identify that Dirty Thirty was the first season with a $1 million prize. They give their strike to Shane & Nelson. Shane & Nelson can’t remember the elimination arena from Dirty Thirty was called The Presidio and they’re knocked off.

Cara Maria & Marie correctly answer that Kayleigh is the one who got her suitcase thrown off the balcony and they knock off Smashley & Hunter. Paulie & Natalie are right about Marie throwing pizza on Brad. This means that Cara Maria & Marie get their third strike and Paulie & Natalie win the challenge (15 points each).

Sylvia cries (10 points) over the frustration of this never-ending season.

Stray Observations

  • This was an exhausting episode. At least two people actually got sent home this episode, instead of into the redemption house!
  • Apparently, it was fettuccini alfredo.
  • The fact that Cory was sent home even though he didn’t injure Tony makes me continue to wonder why Sylvia wasn’t sent home for headbutting Marie.
  • It sounds like Bananas tells Devin he’s “such a Jew” before they finally separate and go to bed. Anyone else hear that?
  • At this point, Sylvia is providing meta-commentary about how long and meandering and nonsensical this season is.
  • T.J. lives for these trivia challenges. He was laughing so hard at every team as they got shoved off their planks and plunked into the water. He was living his best life, or whatever the kids say these days.
  • I prefer general knowledge to Challenge-specific trivia (which is more of a memory game), but maybe that’s because I produce Think While You Drink trivia nights. (SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION!)

Stuff on Twitter

Episode 16 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep16 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep16 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Cory (135 points) or if you don’t have Cory because he’s not part of the original cast,

Bananas (55)

Worst player performance of the episode: Many people, because there are still a ton of people still around! (0 points)

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