The Challenge Final Reckoning – Natalie’s Chin is Still Bloody – Ep17

If you like watching footage of the cast out at night and the Redemption House, you’ll love this episode.

Season 32 – Episode 17

Title: Scandal

Natalie’s chin is still bleeding from two episodes ago (5 points for blood). Her shoulder looks bloody, too.

Out at night, Marie finds out that the Lavender Ladies are voting for Bananas & Tony because they need to get rid of these guys. The Lavender Ladies would prefer Marie not tell everyone their plan. Marie is down to play along. If Bananas & Tony knew they were getting voted in, they’d try to talk their way out of it.

Natalie flirts with Hunter and Nelson. As an audience, in an already way too long season, we now spend our time with some not-actual-drama of Bananas maybe being jealous. Bananas & Natalie are not a couple. We’ve NEVER seen them kiss or anything. In fact, Natalie may prefer women. I can’t care less. Just like MTV tried to pretend Nany & Bananas were a thing “off-camera” so they could be partners on Battle of the Exes II, Natalie & Bananas are nothing and this plot-line, like the Redemption House, is a complete waste of time.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Shane vs. Nelson – Ep17

It’s finally voting time! Something in the game is happening!!!

Paulie & Natalie go first with their power vote, which counts twice. Joss & Sylvia voted for them in the past, so they return the favor. Next up in voting is Cara Maria & Marie. Marie tells Cara Maria that they’re voting for Shane & Nelson. The Lavender Ladies teams choose Bananas & Tony, though Shane & Nelson fight about it (10 points each). We don’t see who Tony & Bananas vote for.

Shane & Nelson talk about getting along better. Shane says he’s close to a psychological breakdown. ME TOO! They make-up.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Bananas & Tony in the Don’t Trip Me Up Elimination – Ep17

At Armageddon, we see that Bananas & Tony got the most votes. They see a tank and know Shane is a great swimmer, which means they opt to call out Joss & Sylvia.

The elimination is called Don’t Trip Me Up. Each tank has puzzle pieces. One teammate dives and picks the pieces, while the builder constructs a house of cards tower that must be 3-feet tall. The 3-feet tower must stand for 3-seconds and be built  on a platform in the middle of the tank.

Once all of the puzzle pieces are picked, the diver can help the builder. Bananas and Sylvia are the divers.

Bananas gets all of his pieces out first, but they keep building things that fall. Joss & Sylvia aren’t much behind, but they are also having issues building a stable tower. Bananas & Sylvia are very cold and very angry. The frustration is evident. Joss & Sylvia manage to get a tower that stands for 3 seconds for the win (25 points).

At the Redemption House, Bananas stir the pot and tells Kayleigh that her man Nelson was cuddling up to Natalie. Tony and Kyle are excited that a Kayleigh & Nelson alliance could break. Kam is determined to get to the bottom of this gossip, for her partner’s sanity’s sake.

Back in the actual game, there’s a purge challenge. While “purge” should mean that a bunch of teams leave, it just means that the team that loses goes straight to the Redemption House.

The challenge is called Heads Will Roll. Partners start on opposite platforms, connected by a spinning log. Teammates will take a platform, meet in the middle and transfer flags to the other side. Whoever transfers the most flags will win and get an advantage next challenge.

With a random order, Hunter & Smashley go first. Hunter looks good running on the spinning log, until he falls. He gets 6 flags across with a little help from Smashley.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Hunter & Smashley in the Heads Will Roll Challenge – Ep17

Shane & Nelson are next. Shane doesn’t step foot on the log. Nelson makes it halfway across and then falls.

Joss & Sylvia are next. Joss runs all the way across, but his flag doesn’t count because Sylvia didn’t get off the platform and this is a team game.

Paulie & Natalie are next. Paulie does most of the running, but Natalie makes a point to jump on the log to get the flags. Paulie has a rhythm and their team gets 8 flags before he falls.

Cara Maria & Marie get nothing.

That means Paulie & Natalie win (15 points). T.J. tells the three teams that got no flags across that they “suck” (-5 points for disappointment from T.J. for Joss, Sylvia, Shane, Nelson, Cara Maria and Marie). T.J. then declares the worst of the three teams that didn’t get one flag to be a fate determined by distance, and that worst team is Shane & Nelson.

Shane cries (10 points).

At the Redemption House, Shane & Nelson arrive and Kayleigh asks Nelson immediately about Natalie. Bananas walks in and we’ll see what happens next week.

Stray Observations

  • Funny story about last week. I heard Bananas say to Devin, “you’re such a Jew,” but upon rewatching with two gentiles, I was told what Bananas said was, “so should you.” So yeah… I’ve heard “such a Jew” so many times in my life, that I thought I heard Bananas say it to Devin, who is probably not Jewish.
  • Two teams are coming back next week? GIMME A BREAK! At least the Redemption House is closing.
  • Kam is super strategic, but fails to calm down her partner by reminding her that Natalie has a girlfriend?
  • Instead of BS drama, it would have been fun to see the three teams that got no flags have to go again until two of the teams managed to get flags across.

Stuff on Twitter

Episode 17 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep17 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep17 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Joss, Sylvia, Natalie (20 points)

Worst player performance of the episode: Cara Maria & Marie (-5 points each)

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