The Challenge Final Reckoning – T.J. Loves Trivia – Ep19

This episode opens with the cast walking up to a challenge. Alright, Final 5 teams – LET’S DO THIS!

Season 32 – Episode 19

Title: The Walking Dead

The challenge is called Painfully Wrong. It’s trivia, which means T.J. is pumped! Teams start at a starting line before five zones of a “copper curtain” of 7,000 volts. If a team gets an answer wrong, they have to walk through a zone. If they get an answer right, they can send another team through. Whichever team is the last remaining on the field wins.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Painfully Wrong Challenge – Ep19

The order is picked at random. No one is happy. It’s raining. They’re shirtless.

Paulie & Natalie go first. T.J. asks how many donuts are in a baker’s dozen, and Natalie answers “six.” T.J. laughs hysterically as he watches them walk through.

T.J. asks Hunter & Smashley who the best-selling female artist of all-time is and Hunter accurately answers “Madonna.” Smashley screams to send Cara Maria & Marie through. When Bananas & Tony answer correctly that Elon Musk founded Tesla and SpaceX, they send Joss & Sylvia through. Next Sylvia answers too quickly when T.J. asks how many months have 28 days (she says one, but it’s all twelve), and they have to go through again.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Hunter & Smashley are First Out at the Painfully Wrong Challenge – Ep19

When Cara Maria & Marie correctly answer that it takes the earth one year or 365 days to go around the sun, they send Smashley & Hunter through a zone. Smashley is pissed. Next T.J. asks what the biggest city in South Africa is. Natalie thinks Johannesburg, but Paulie says Cape Town. They choose Cape Town which is wrong. When Smashley gets a basic math question right, they send Bananas & Tony through, since they are in the lead. Bananas & Tony don’t know how many times Kim Kardashian has been married, so they go through again.

Joss & Sylvia get one right and send Bananas & Tony through another one. Cara Maria & Marie know there are 16 ounces in a pint, so they send Smashley & Hunter through.

We’re back to Paulie & Natalie who don’t know who the Prime Minister of the U.K. is. Joss laughs. Natalie doesn’t even know what a Prime Minister is. Smashley & Hunter correctly answer that five U.S. states border the Pacific Ocean. They select Cara Maria & Marie to go through.

Unfortunately, we get ripped off from the next few questions and answers. Then when Paulie correctly identifies that a baby deer is not a Bambi, Natalie, but a fawn. Smashley & Hunter get picked and Smahley flips out at Paulie (5 points for verbal attack). They go through again when they don’t don’t know that the dish ran away with the spoon in Hey Diddle-Diddle. Smashley & Hunter are the first team out, then Cara Maria & Marie.

When Joss & Sylvia get one right, they send Paulie & Natalie through. Next Paulie knows Venus is the planet closes to earth. Now Paulie & Natalie get a right answer and have to choose between ending the game for Bananas & Tony or Joss & Sylvia. Paulie & Natalie select Bananas & Tony. Bananas is not happy, he throws his helmet (15 points for physical attack).

Joss & Sylvia get their next question, a classic trick question over which weighs more, one pound of gold or one pound of silver, they win (15 points  each for Joss & Sylvia).

In their interview after the challenge, Hunter unloads on Smashley (5 points for verbal attack).

Back at the house Joss and Hunter talk about what they’re going to do. Joss suggest that they will vote in Paulie & Natalie. Hunter trusts that Joss & Sylvia won’t vote for his team. Marie cries (10 points), stressed about this final elimination.

We don’t see much from the secret votes, except that Joss & Sylvia seem to put their power vote on Paulie & Natalie, while no one else seems to consider voting that way.

At Armageddon, we see that Bananas & Tony got the most votes. Joss & Sylvia actually voted for the all-male team, and so did Paulie & Natalie. Since Joss & Sylvia are safe, that means Bananas & Tony will face Paulie & Natalie. Whoever wins, joins the other three teams in the final. Stakes are high!

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Milk & Cookies Elimination – Ep19

The elimination game is called Milk & Cookies. There’s a table with a ton of glasses of amasi milk, which is fermented and thick. There’s also a platform with two buckets of amasi milk with ropes hanging from them. One teammate will stand with their arms up, while the other teammate eats. If the teammate drops their arms down, that means the eater has to stop. Whoever finishes eating first, wins and if the eating part is completed first, then whoever holds their arms up the longest wins.

Tony and Paulie eat, while Natalie and Bananas stand with their arms up. Tony vomits (5 points), Paulie vomits (5 points). They each vomit again (5 points each). After 45 minutes, Paulie & Tony cheers. They are both drinking this chunky stuff and suffering together. Bananas and Paulie exchange some smack talk. Paulie tries to rile up Bananas by referring to his competition Natalie as his ex-girlfriend (LOL – like we really believe Bananas & Natalie were a thing). Bananas goes on about Paulie going home to a soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend after she sees the footage of Cara Maria and Paulie. Paulie shrugs it off. After about an hour and a half, both Paulie & Tony have eaten everything, so it’s all onto the arms holding up.

Bananas and Natalie are silent statues, completely focused. While they may have beef, Bananas and Natalie don’t speak at all. After four hours, T.J. announces the time milestone and says they’re “killing it” (10 points each). At five and a half hours, T.J. makes them turn around to tighten the rope’s slack. Only a few minutes later, Bananas’s arms fall. Paulie & Natalie win (25 points each).

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Bye Bye Bananas – Ep19

Bananas is suffering from the worst back spasms of his life, but Tony shows him nothing but love for trying so hard. Paulie & Natalie are proud of taking out another all-male team, forgetting that these two got a ton of second chances and lived the majority of the season in the Redemption House. Nevertheless, they feel confident going into the final.

T.J. tells the cast to rest up for a wild beast-filled final.

Back at the house, Cara Maria and Paulie are super flirty. In confessionals, Cara Maria and Paulie say they are merely affectionate with each other. But Sylvia says there was more and we see some night-vision footage that implies coitus, but doesn’t show us enough to award points.

The episode concludes with the teams taking a helicopter to the middle of the African wilderness and T.J. telling the final teams that their team time AND individual time will be recorded along the way in this final. The one winning team will have a winning player that can take all of the money or share it.

Stray Observations

  • MTV is so annoying! The trailer for this episode shows Cara Maria & Paulie together, so as soon as we see who is in this elimination, those of us who watched the trailer know who wins. Ughh!!!
  • Natalie was awful in the trivia challenge, but damn did she rock that elimination. Her and Bananas deserved those “killed it” points big time!
  • Smashley & Hunter showed up 1/3 of the way into the season and came in last in the challenge, but that didn’t matter.
  • Wikipedia compares amasi milk to cottage cheese and says it’s very popular in South Africa.
  • Maybe Paulie can hold back from having sex with Cara Maria, but he’s all over her and I can’t imagine his girlfriend at home is going to take seeing this well.
  • Great episode and the season finale is next week, with MTV The Challenge twitter saying we’ll see who wins. A very long season, but at the least it’s ending on a high note.

Stuff on Twitter

Episode 17 scores:

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep19 Scores

A link to the excel score spreadsheet is here: The Challenge Final Reckoning – Ep19 Scores

Best player performance of the episode: Paulie & Natalie (35 points each)

Worst player performance of the episode: Cara Maria (0 points)

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