The end of the season that talked about itself as the final, end of an era, completion of a trilogy within a series, an excruciatingly long season riddled with apocalyptic-terms IS OVER.

Let’s check out the stats!

The Challenge Final Reckoning – End of Season Points Per Player


Notes about the scores above:

Most Fantasy Points of the Season

Bananas and Smashley (265 points each)

A victory made up for the fact that Smashley missed the first seven episodes of the season. Smashley lost her luggage and bailed on the first season of this trilogy, wasn’t in the second season and then won the third. Smashley also had the most fantasy points of the other season she won: Invasion. Smashley has also now won the most money in Challenge history.

Unfortunately for our league, Smashley was not draftable, as she entered late with Hunter as a mercenary. Undraftable Cory only had four episodes of time on the show and managed to score 185 points, thanks to winning his way in and then getting kicked off.

Single, MTV-favorite child Bananas scored the best for our draftable fantasy players. Not bad for a cast member who didn’t make the final. Bananas only scored 105 and 100 points each in his other trilogy appearances.

2nd Most Fantasy Points of the Season 

Joss & Sylvia (225 points each)

Partners Joss & Sylvia scored the same amount of points. Outside of the field of play, Joss’s hooking up with Amanda and yelling at Bananas ended up being equal to Sylvia’s fighting and crying.

3rd Most Fantasy Points of the Season

Nelson & Hunter (205 points each)

Nelson and Hunter are proving to be the best of the Young Bucks in terms of performance and fantasy points.

Best Performance by a Rookie

Paulie (140 points)

Paulie & Natalie were the cockroaches of the season. They would not die. They lived half of the season in the Redemption House and lost two eliminations, but they benefited from the riduclous rules, and survived. Paulie learned how to be a scheming reality TV personality from his partner Natalie, and hitched his wagon to veteran Cara Maria. It paid off!

Least Fantasy Points of the Season + Worst Performance by a Rookie

Derrick & Jemmye (0 points each)

This was a worse outcome for Derrick, who was around until Episode 11, where Jemmye was out by Episode 6.

2nd Fewest Fantasy Points of the Season

Chuck, Veronica, Tori, Jenna (10 points each)

This season was so long that you may have forgotten that Britni & Chuck, as well as Jenna & Jemmye, only participated in one challenge.

3rd Fewest Fantasy Points of the Season

CT (30 points)

Fan-favorite CT did, however, have my favorite moment of the season, when he entered the Redemption House, angry at his partner Veronica, and proceeded to not say anything… just pour himself a giant glass of wine.

Worst Performance by a Rookie

Chuck (10 points)

But hey, he was a factor in the end of Brad & Britni’s showmance!



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