The Challenge Final Reckoning – Zach, Amanda, Shane, Nelson, Kam, Smashley, Hunter, Bananas, Tony, Jozea & Da’Vonne – Reunion Part 1

As I wrote after Vendettas, I hate this two-part reunion format. I watched the season. I don’t need any recap stuff. Every argument brings out the trashiest aspects of the whole show.

But, we did learn some interesting things. Kayleigh and Nelson are done. Apparently, Nelson was talking marriage, kids, and moving in with Kayleigh while sending pictures of himself to someone in New York. Nelson’s says they weren’t “together” at the time. So Nelson, if that’s not sending mixed messages, what is? It’s all in the past anyway. Kayleigh doesn’t seem too torn up about it and Nelson is “talking” to Angela.

In a rare nice moment, Jozea and Shane have decided to make peace because they’re both gay guys who can relate to each other. There’s also peace between Sylvia and Marie, as Marie admits that she was trying to get Sylvia to hit her during their headbutting argument.

Hunter forgives Smashley, while still being angry with her and disliking her. He rightfully understands that a reputation can take a lifetime to build, but one bad angry comment about your partner being a slut to ruin that reputation.

Besides the winning team with bad blood, the following rivalries are alive and well:

Paulie vs. Kyle

Amanda vs. Hunter

Bananas vs. Devin

And a new rivalry! Angela & Faith vs. Cara Maria. Looks like the rookies learned from Marie: get mad at Cara Maria over something stupid and maybe you can get partnered with the powerhouse on a rivals-type season, which seems to be the format MTV wants to use for half of these seasons.

The Challenge Final Reckoning – Cara Maria Explains Herself – Reunion Part 1

The episode leaves with Devin and Bananas rehashing their #toosoon fight based on Devin harassing Bananas and Bananas, in turn, saying disrespectful things to Devin about his recently deceased father. We don’t see the end of the Bananas vs. Devin fight in this episode because a cliffhanger in a reunion of a dragged out season is completely fitting.

In the world of lost fantasy points, the following hook-ups occurred on the season, but weren’t shown:

Derrick H. & Smashley (after Vendettas)

Smashley & Hunter (presumably multiple times before this season)

Bananas & Smashley (on the mouth kissing)

Cara Maria & Kyle (on the mouth kissing)

Stray observations.

  • There are still questions about Kayleigh and her “outing” Natalie. Kayleigh doesn’t get a chance to really talk, as MTV edits to allow for Natalie to squeeze in a PSA about how wrong it is to out someone. Kayleigh tries to explain how being national television isn’t exactly leading the most private life, but we don’t really get to see both sides of this argument play out.
  • I really would have enjoyed a little more information on Smashley and Hunter’s romantic relationship/hook-up history.
  • Everyone loves CT.
  • Shane lives with his parents AND HE WILL NOT BE AGE-SHAMED! By Bananas. Who is two years younger than him.
  • Oddly, there was no discussion about how close the final was, who thought they were going to win, what the hardest part was, and any other insights into the piecemeal ending tasks.
  • Bananas does a decent job of explaining that choosing the money is an option that the winner can take, so while it’s not the right thing to do morally, it’s part of the game and, well, all is fair in challenges, right?



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