Fantasy sports is an exciting and fun way to have a more personal connection to the games.

Sometimes a good idea is simply taking an existing good idea and adapting it.

This is how The Challenge Fantasy League started, presumably, by Grantland.com

Nevertheless, last season friends and I had a fantasy league for MTV’s The Challenge and it was amazing. We took Grantland’s scoring system and altered it to better suit what we felt was important in the game. It was not a perfect scoring system, but we will adjust for next season, especially once we learn the format.

This blog is about The Challenge Fantasy League as to the standards we have created for it. Once the new season is announced, we will post official rules and scoring values. We will then have a draft, and post official scores and unofficial opinions after every episode.

Feel free to use our model to make your own Challenge Fantasy League and consider our scoring the official scoring!




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6 thoughts on “About

  1. I'm LAVIN it says:

    love this, e-mail me.

  2. GS says:

    Can I try too? Email

  3. is there anywhere to find a cumulative point total?

  4. gr says:

    thank you for setting this up. we love it

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