January – April 2018

The Challenge Vendettas - End of Season Points by Player

The Challenge Vendettas – End of Season Points by Player

Vendettas Fantasy League Scoring System

Episode 1 – Breakdown & Scoring Highlight: Rookie Joss wins the opening challenge; Rogan and Nicole R. come in last and are sent home.

Episode 2 – Breakdown & Scoring – Highlight: Britni’s surprising challenge victory in Who’s Got Balls? 

Episode 3 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Nelson beats his buddy Cory in the elimination

Episode 4 – Breakdown & Scoring – Highlight: Tony dominates Food Wars Challenge, Nicole Z. & Melissa hook-up

Episode 5 – Breakdown & Scoring – Highlight: Fight between Kailah, Kam and Melissa

Episode 6 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Very cool Gasping for Air night swim challenge.

Episode 7 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Mercenaries elimination… Veronica vs. Aneesa and Shane vs. Jordon

Episode 8 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Mercenaries elimination… Kam vs. Tori and the incredible competition between Joss and Derrick (RR) 

Episode 9 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Marie stuck in a basket

Episode 10 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Kayleigh quits, prompting an MTV “Don’t be a Bully” special

Episode 11 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Devin celebrates beating Bananas; more mercenary eliminations

Episode 12 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Help Me, Rhonda race and zipline purge challenge for the final 12.

Episode 13 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: Navigating pylons on the back of a moving semi.

Episode 14 – Breakdown & ScoringHighlight: The final at Kost Castle; Nicole Z.’s ankle dies

Episode 15 – Reunion Part 1 – Breakdown & Scoring Highlight: No highlight; two part reunions are awful.

Episode 16 – Reunion Part 2 – Breakdown & Scoring Highlight: Cara Maria won, Zach came in 2nd place, and Kyle came in 3rd place

End of Season Stats

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